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Portland, OR


Handmade quilts and home accessories by fiber artist Linda Nussbaum. See samples of past projects as well as pieces available for sale and inspirations for custom orders. To see what is currently available for sale, please visit my Etsy Shop.

Finally a Finish! Kinda...

Surrounded by Scraps

Finally a Finish! Kinda...

Linda Nussbaum

After months and months of gathering, piecing, playing, rearranging, absorbing, more piecing, etc., etc. I have a completed quilt top. 

Yes, I am so happy with the results! And yes, I am also happy that this photo is the LAST TIME this quilt will be up on the design wall EVER! So happy!! 

I stopped marking the journey, because well, it was slow-going. I had all of the elements with which to work, it was just a matter of breaking them down into the right combinations and putting it back together. That took a LOT longer and more consideration than I had anticipated. For a style of quilt that I love, the process was at times very frustrating.

Going from the independent strips, combining into strip sets like this: 


over and over and over again... making piles like this:


and more strips... 

and so on and so forth. 

I think you all get the idea. This went on for weeks, then months, adding more triangles to the mix, but not piecing anything together until the bulk of the composition was established. And this whole time it stayed on the design wall. 

Which I knew would pay off. I eventually got confident enough with the core body to begin sewing my diagonal rows together, then started building along the 4 sides to ultimately reach queen size. I figured, once the top came edge to edge on my 8' square design wall, then I had reached my goal.


I'm not yet sure how this will be quilted, but I know it won't be by me!! Even if I had the capacity to quilt a 100" square quilt, it would take me another 5 months to finish, and that would be a very dark cloud over me. So this is one of those situations where I admit my limitations and will call in some help. Another thing I know is that once it's quilted I will be trimming off the points on the sides. But I'll worry about that stage when we get there.

But for now I intend to fully enjoy having my design wall back in all its 8' glory!!