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Portland, OR


Handmade quilts and home accessories by fiber artist Linda Nussbaum. See samples of past projects as well as pieces available for sale and inspirations for custom orders. To see what is currently available for sale, please visit my Etsy Shop.

Finding a Rhythm - and a Reason

Surrounded by Scraps

Finding a Rhythm - and a Reason

Linda Nussbaum

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay on track. Who am I kidding? I haven't been on track for months now and my challenge is getting BACK on track. And what better way than to dangle a carrot so I have something to reach for? 

Now, not to get ahead of myself I am fully aware that they haven't even begun looking at submissions for vendors. It is a juried process, and given the fact that I've never done one of their shows before it is a reach to think I may be accepted. HOWEVER, it is a wonderful goal toward which to work. And the worst that can happen is that I am not accepted and I have to find another venue for selling all of the items I've been working on to have inventory in stock. 

Like... more coasters: 

maybe some more pot holder sets, and if I'm REALLY on top of it I'll perfect those darned oven mitts! 


I was having a discussion with a couple of different friends recently about the efficacy of Etsy. It really is great to have as a passive option for selling one's wares, but I'm feeling it's well past time to find other more effective venues. So, fingers crossed I'll get into this holiday show — but if I don't it has at least gotten me thinking about more possibilities.

Do you all use some of these self-guiles to get things done, too??