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Portland, OR


Handmade quilts and home accessories by fiber artist Linda Nussbaum. See samples of past projects as well as pieces available for sale and inspirations for custom orders. To see what is currently available for sale, please visit my Etsy Shop.

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Waking from a nap

Linda Nussbaum

It always amazes me to see how much time passes between posts, during which some things are put to bed while others continue their adventure and move forward. 

Recently the You're a Charm Quilt Along may have been put down for a bit of a rest (along with pretty much all other quilting projects, with one exception) to be awakened presently, while my sewing endeavors have turned to updating my spring/summer wardrobe... with both success and serious pattern fails, like the bizarre fit of the Colette Patterns Sencha top.

When I tried this on, among other potentially fixable problems, the neckline was cutting into my throat when I tried to get the shoulder seams to sit ON my shoulders as opposed to my collar bones. That doesn't address the slightly off proportions and too-full bust created by all the darts. And sadly, this particular pattern fail was strike 3 for me with their patterns. I've made the Crepe wrap dress in what, by their measurement chart, should have been my size, but is way too big (and it already uses a ton of fabric), especially in the bust and shoulders. I've worn that dress maybe twice, and only to work at the fabric store. Then there is the Clover capri pant... After trying at least 2 adjustments to my muslin, I fully gave up. I think one has to be pencil thin WITH hips, or brush off one's advanced dress-making skills and completely rework the pattern for a real body (in which case you might as well draft your own dang pattern). So yeah, as much as I admire the aesthetic of their clothes, and love the fact that it's a local Portland company, I have to accept that Colette, like Adidas and Nike shoes, just doesn't fit my body.

But then there was the absolutely perfect (and super-simple) Reversible Wrap Around Twirl Skirt by love jill... I now have 4 new skirts (in 2)! And I'll gladly make more in the future!


What kicked off this flurry of making new clothes was this first attempt at Made by Rae's Ruby top. I was actually going for the dress version, but miscalculated on how much I could skimp on the main fabric, so I ended up with something between a tunic and a dress — which means I still have to wear it over jeans or trousers. BUT, it turned out super cute and I would make another, though next time I might switch pattern size or seam allowances for the main fabric (the yoke in M fits like a gem, but the rest of the top is just a little poofy for my taste). And I DO really want a casual summery sundress, so next time I'll purchase the full amount of fabric she calls for.


It's been refreshing to work on fun, new garments and get to impulse buy some of those fabrics I had been eyeing at cool cottons for months, but in a somewhat uncharacteristic turn have been avoiding getting without a specific project in mind. Bring on the quick and satisfying projects!