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Portland, OR


Handmade quilts and home accessories by fiber artist Linda Nussbaum. See samples of past projects as well as pieces available for sale and inspirations for custom orders. To see what is currently available for sale, please visit my Etsy Shop.

Surrounded by Scraps

Selfish Sewing in Disguise

Linda Nussbaum

Pardon me while I shake off some of the dust that has gathered on these keys here... I didn't realize exactly how long it had been since my last blog post until going in and getting ready to write this one! I may be a bit rusty at this, but here goes:

Instead of the full onslaught of all of the projects and activities I've been working on over the last 2+ months I'll jump right on in to one in particular (that is still in progress - surprise, surprise!). Earlier this year Cherie and I did some pattern shopping for The Creative Bungalow at E.E. Schenck, a local quilting and craft distributor here in Portland. Often on these trips each of us will find a pattern that strikes us much more than the other, but for the most part we make a point of coming to a consensus on our purchases for the business.

On this particular trip we picked up a pattern by Madison Cottage Design, Citrus Punch.


We felt this would work really well with some of the fabrics we had been collecting, but still needed a few more to build out the kit properly.

And yet I was eager to give this a shot, so I decided to "pattern test" it using my own stash. Although I have many (MANY) fabrics with which to play I kept seeing my Kaffe Collective collection filling the spot. So I jumped right in.

An initial fabric pull.

An initial fabric pull.

These guys lend themselves so well to the mixing and matching that the pattern calls for. I did my best to go for decent contrast with the accent strips in these stage 1 blocks, then commenced with more slicing and dicing.


and mixing and matching...

At this point it's really just a matter of piecing all of the quarter-square triangle blocks and playing around on the design wall. Did you hear that? Playing around on the design wall!!

I've since gotten distracted by more pressing projects (another shock, I'm sure!) but this will remain on the design wall until I get all of the blocks complete and the final layout decided. I like to think I did a good thing making sure this pattern sews up well — which it absolutely does — before committing it to one of The Creative Bungalow kits. Good deed indeed!