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Portland, OR


Handmade quilts and home accessories by fiber artist Linda Nussbaum. See samples of past projects as well as pieces available for sale and inspirations for custom orders. To see what is currently available for sale, please visit my Etsy Shop.

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Getting off track

Linda Nussbaum

About two weeks ago an exciting opportunity presented itself, and was quickly set in motion. There are times I've thought too quickly, but a person has to learn to roll with the tide.

It's something that will take me in a completely other direction than where my concentration has been of late, but a collaboration that has the potential for a long-term presence - and visibility in a real-life storefront!

New fabrics to work with - future napkins, coasters and pot holders (hopefully).

New fabrics to work with - future napkins, coasters and pot holders (hopefully).

It's less about the quilting or my own designs, and more working as an independent contractor sewing housewares. And I can't say whether it will pay better, but if it gets off to a good start, then I have no doubt that will be the case, since most of what I make I make on spec, in which case it don't pay so well. So, why not get started?


Have you all heard the line "It's all about who you know."? I'm sadly learning that's true. Not sad because of the connections that I've made, but rather because I've never prided myself on networking. I'm shy. And may come off kind of awkward in some situations. But it's the more organic networking that really works for me, apparently.

Let's start with a quick little anecdote. About 2 or 3 months before my 5 yr. college reunion I decided to move away from my home of the previous 5 years (NYC) and couch surf indefinitely all across state lines (granted, most of the duration I was staying with either my mom or at my dad's place).

A photo of me and Tom, back when my dorm room walls looked like THAT! Can anyone say early to mid-'90s??

A photo of me and Tom, back when my dorm room walls looked like THAT! Can anyone say early to mid-'90s??

At reunion I was discussing potential landing spots with various people, including my buddy Tom and his (then) girlfriend Kathy. When, several months later, I was emailing with Tom from my new home in Portland, OR he mentioned that his (then) girlfriend's sister lives in Portland and asked her if he could share her phone number. Jumping ahead about 11 years, Tom and Kathy are married with two kids, living in Portland, ME, while Kathy's sister Jenny is one of my very best friends here in Portland, OR

Jenny with Becca

Jenny with Becca

Which leads me to this little venture. Because of my friendship with Jenny I got to know Becca, and because we enjoy each other's company so much and she knows I love reading she invited me to join the book club that she's a part of. And in this book club is Rochelle, who sent me a message just the other week saying that her husband is about to open a furniture resale shop in an absolutely excellent location in St. Johns, and is looking for someone to sew some handmade housewares.

Phew. Did you get all that?

So, thank you Tom for setting this in motion. Didn't see this coming back when The Crying Game was on the big screen, did ya??