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Portland, OR


Handmade quilts and home accessories by fiber artist Linda Nussbaum. See samples of past projects as well as pieces available for sale and inspirations for custom orders. To see what is currently available for sale, please visit my Etsy Shop.

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Summer Giveaway Winner!

Linda Beth

So, we have a winner of those luscious Rowan fabrics! Since my HTML is a little rusty, I can't figure out how to get rid of this ridiculous pause before the widget, so...

...wait for it....

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COMMENT #5 - Jennifer Gail
I have discovered ID discovery channel on tv. Don't laugh it's really addictive.

and thanks to her insightful comment J and I discovered that I DO get that channel as well, and had an interesting evening of watching a show called Blood, Lies, and Alibis. Oh yes! (I can totally see the addictive quality, too)

So, congratulations, Jennifer, and thanks to everyone who shared their what-ups! It's fun to get a little window into what interests others and how we are enjoying spending our time both in and outside of the sewing room!

A Grey Summer's Morn Giveaway

Linda Beth

I am sure I am not alone among us quilters/sewists in losing a little focus and motivation when the sun finally peeks out from behind the clouds and temperatures allow us to put away the hoodies and drag out the tank tops.

As some of you may know, one of my summer endeavors is my little veggie garden. Portland can be tricky with that, however. For all of the green, sometimes the late-season sun and buckets of rain make the growing season for novices like myself a bit short.

But thankfully, this year things seem to be on their way!

That said, there's also a new kind of distraction in my world this year...
I've actually had the bike for more years than I should say, since I've only started using it somewhat regularly in the last year or two, so I consider it a new distraction. And last Thursday I was so excited to finally get a chance to take it out of the basement and into the fresh air after weeks of traveling and house guests. On the way up the stairs from my basement to the back yard THIS happens:
...and about 1/2 way from my house to my sewing studio I notice the rear tire is flat - and I mean FLAT. Not yet being part of the smartphone world, I had to call J at work and ask him to look up the closest bike shop to where I was. He found Velo Cult, a shop in the Hollywood District of NE Portland (backtracking from where I was). I had never been there before, but am glad he found them online! They were awesome! Attended to the flat immediately, and had it been a little later than 10am I might even have partaken in one of the beers they have on tap while I waited! But, I stuck with my iced coffee and left with a new tube and a mini-crush.

(photo from their website... it was a quiet morning when I was there)

Okay, so there's the setup! In the spirit of spending time on new things and celebrating the lushness that is this part of the world in this season, I have a little giveaway treat...

The rich colors and lush blooms of Philip Jacobs and Kaffe Fassett, balanced out by the bold geometrics of Brandon Mably - what better way to celebrate??

Leave me a comment sharing something new you've discovered (or fallen in love with) or something you've rediscovered this season or this year. This can be quilting related, but certainly doesn't have to be!!

For any Followers out there, leave a second comment for an additional chance to win.

I'll leave this open through Thursday 8/2/12, 5PM PDT and announce the winner over the weekend. I'm looking forward to hearing what's inspiring the rest of you!

If you are a no-reply blogger leaving a comment PLEASE leave contact info in the comment, otherwise I can not send the goodies your way!


Linda Beth

Thank you to Danielle, Gail and Dawn for playing along and sharing photos from their visit to Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show last weekend. You can see some additional photos from the quilt show on their blogs:
Gail at I Think Sew
Dawn at First Light Designs

I put Mr. RNG to some heavy-duty mathematics, and he came back to me with the big Numero Uno, indicating Danielle's comment:
I didn't see Reflections, or surely I'd have photographed it! I only got one shot including your first entry, with the PMQG sign as well.

As first place prize, I've put together a group of 8 quarter yard cuts of some lovely B/W fabrics
plus a full yard of a coordinating bonus fabric!

AND NOW... since it seems silly to not acknowledge the efforts of our 2 other fellow PMQG members with so few responses, I've selected a little token gift for both Gail and Dawn to show my appreciation. It's not 3 yards worth of fabric, mind you, but hopefully they'll enjoy their gifts.

Coming up later this week I'll introduce some new progress on the July blocks for both the Design Camp [think outside the block] 2 Bee and the F+F Modern Scrap Bee.

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show - and a giveaway opportunity

Linda Beth

I have had the honor of having one of my quilts accepted to the special exhibit area for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild at this year's Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, OR.
(Lock 'n' Bolt)

I'm excited! And then I figured, well as long as I'm sending this one out for display, maybe I should take this opportunity and submit a couple more, in the hopes that I'd make my first trip out there for the show.
(Jewel of Friendship)


But alas, that was not to be - no traveling the 4 or so hours from Portland for what I understand to be an awesome and overwhelming day. Not this year at least. Which puts me in a position to ask a favor and combine it into a giveaway (or two, maybe?). I know I'm putting this out there rather last minute (it's been a heck of a week!) and possibly most of you lucky ducks who will be at the show are already in the depths of central Oregon soaking up the sun and sights, having left the online community back at home for the weekend.

BUT, if anyone who happens to be going to the show sees this post and is so inclined, here's my thinking... as you're wandering around looking at the beauties on display, if you HAPPEN to see any of these 3 quilts on display, I would LOVE to get a link to a photo! SOooo, if you leave a comment with either a link to a flickr or blog photo, or even with the photo included in the comment, you will be entered into a drawing for a giveaway. One entry per photo of each quilt (max 3 per person). I'll keep this open until next Friday, July 20th as I know it often takes me a few days to go through my photos after a trip or an event. Have fun at the show, folks!

I know this is kind of limiting, so I promise that in the next week or two I will find another fun giveaway that will be open to all readers!
P.S. If you are a no-reply blogger, please leave your email address in the message so I can get back to you. Thanks!